Address:102 S Merritt Mill Rd. Chapel hill, NC

Phone: 919-923-2631   

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Safe place for me to get a treat. -

Having food allergies can make simple indulgences nerve racking.  We have a Nut free, Wheat free, facility.  Any dairy, egg or soy in our store are "add-ons" Just skip out on adding cream or Ice Cream to your order. 


Need to avoid dyes, animal products or sugar?

We got you, just order one of our dye free or sugar free flavors.  Say no to the cream and Ice Cream add-ons and enjoy, the taste of summer! 

Aloha and Sunshine

Shaka is run by Ana and her 3 kids.  It's all about good vibes and incredibly soft ice piled high.  "It's the sweetest part of my childhood on Maui...served up for my Carolina friends and neighbors."    

Stronger community through stories 

A good book will help  access our empathy, experience a different way of being, visit far away lands and expand our imagination.  We believe that reading  helps strengthen our communities.  We sponsor the summer reading program at Chapel Hill library each year to help encourage adults and children alike to read.